TOILET TISSUE Facial Quality
Item No Description Quantity
IPLY1000 100 Sheet 1Ply Toilet Tissue 96 Rolls
2PLYTT 2Ply toilet Tissue 96 Rolls
2PLY500 500 Sheet 2Ply Toilet Tissue 96 Rolls
1PLYJTT 1Ply x 4000ft Jumbo Toilet Tissue 6/Ctn.
2PLYJTT 2Ply x 1000ft Jumbo Toilet tissue  12/Ctn.
CHARMIN Charmin Toilet Tissue 96 rolls
1PLY1500 1500Sheet 1Ply Roll Master 48 Rolls
TSCOVER Toilet Seat Covers 2500
Item No Description Quantity
FT Generic Brand 36BXS/CS-100BX
21400 Kleenex Brand #21400 36BXS/CS-100BX
21600 Kleenex Brand#21600 48BXS/CS-140BX
ROLL TOWELS Household Type
Item No Description Quantity
RT Jumbo Rolls-Standard Grade 30
BOUNTY Jumbo Rolls-Bounty Premium Brand 30
PAPER TOWELS For Wall Dispensers
• Other items available
Item No Description Quantity
WCFOLD White C-Fold Towel 2400
150CFOLD Scott White C-Fold Premium Grade 2400
151CFOLD Scott White C-Fold Premium Grade 2400
WSFOLD White Singlefold Towel 4000
WMFOLD White Multifold Towel 4000
8WPT 8" White Paper Towel 12RI X 350'
8BPT 8" Brown Paper Towel 12RI X 350'
Item No Description Quantity
6PP 6" Plastic Plates 1000
9PP 9" Plastic Plates 500
6FP 6" Foam Plates 1000
9FP 9" Foam Plates 500
5PB 50z. Plastic Bowl 1000
12PB 12oz. Plastic Bowl 500
LOFOLD Lofold Napkins 8000
LUNCHN Lunch Napkins 6000
DINNERN Dinner Napkins 3000
MEDFORK Plastic Forks-Medium Weight 1000
MEDKNIFE Plastic Knives-Medium Weight 1000
MEDSPOON Plastic Spoons-Medium Weight 1000
HVYFORK Simple elegant-Heavy Weight 1000
HVYKNIFE Simple elegant-Heavy Weight 1000
HVYSPOON Simple elegant-Heavy Weight 1000
Item No Description Quantity
6FOAM 6oz. Foam Cups 1000
8FOAM 8oz. Foam Cups 1000
10FOAM 10oz. Foam Cups 1000
P508 8oz. Hot Handle Cups 1000
HP508 8oz. Hot Handle Cups w/Handle 1000
P510 10oz. Hot Handle Cups 1000
4CONE 4oz. Cone Cups 3000
4.5CONE 4-1/2 oz. Cone Cups 5000
3.5FLAT 3.5 oz. Flat Bottom Cups Waxed
4FLAT 4oz. Flat Bottom Cups Waxed 5000
5FLAT 5oz. Flat Bottom Cups Waxed 3000
7FLAT 7oz. Flat Bottom Cups 2000
Item No Description Quantity
DIALPUMP Dial liquid soap pump (Anti-bacterial) 12-8oz btls.
IVORYPUMP Ivory liquid soap pump 12-7.5oz btls.
IVORYBARS 3 oz. Ivory soap bars 200 bars
POWSOAP Boraxo Brand powdered soap 10-5lc boxes
PLSOAP All purpose liquid soap  6-1 gals.
AJAX21 Ajax powdered cleanser 24-21oz btls.
AJAX4 Ajax liquid 4-1 gals.
PINEOIL Pineoil deodorant cleanser 6-1 gals.
AMMONIA6 Ammonia Gallons 6-1 gals.
AMMONIA18 Ammonia Quart 18 qts.
BLEACH6 Bleach Gallons 6-1 gals.
BLEACH18 Bleach Quart 18 qts.
APCLEANER All Purpose Cleaner 4-1 gals.
MRCLEAN Mr Clean Cleanser 12-28oz btls.
TOPJOB TopJob Cleanser 9-20oz btls.
FAN32 Fantastic Cleaner Spray 12-32oz btls.
FAN4 Fantasitc Cleaner Gallons 4-1 gals.
DISINSPRAY Lemon Disinfectant Spray 12-12oz btls.
LYSOL12 Lysol Brand Disinfectant Spray 12-12oz btls.
LYSOL4 Lysol Brand Liquid Disinfectant Gals. 4-1 gals.
LYSOLTUB Lysol Brand Tub and Tile Cleaner 12-17oz btls.
TBCLEANER Toilet Bowl Cleaner 12-32oz btls.
DEODBLOCKS 4oz. Deodorant Blocks (w/screen) 12blocks/sleeve
GCSPRAY Glass Cleaner Spray 12-32oz btls.
GCGALLON Glass Cleaner Gallons 4-1 gals.
WINDEX32 Windex Brand Glass Cleaner 12-32oz btls.
WINDEX4 Windex Brand Glass Cleaner Gals. 4-1 gals.
SPRAYBOTTLE 1 Qt. with nozzle 1
CARPETCLEANER Powder Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer 12-16oz btls.
PLEDGE Pledge Cleaner 6-18oz btls.
MURPHYOIL Murphy-Oil Cleaner $473 12-32oz btls.
NOXON Metal Polish 12-12oz btls.
24MH 24oz Mophead 12-ctn.
32MH 32oz Mophead 12-ctn.
MOPHANDLE 57" Mophandle 1
MOPBUCKET Yellow Mopbucket w/ wringer 1
24DUST 24oz Dust Mophead  1
24DMFRAME 24oz Dust Mophead Frame 1
24DMHANDLE 24oz Dust Mophead Handle 1
DUSTHANDLE Dust Mophandle 1
RAGS25 New Balbrigan White Rags 25/lbs.
RAGS50 New Balbrigan White Rags 50/lbs.
Item No Description Piece  20+Pieces
TOYBROOM  Small Toy Broom
12SOFTPB 12" Soft Bristle Broom
18SOFTPB 18" Soft Bristle Broom
24SOFTPB 24" Soft Bristle Broom
36SOFTPB 36" Soft Bristle Broom
BRBRACE Additional Support Steel 
BRHANDLE Broom Handles
LOBBYDUST Dust Pan w/ Handle
Item No Description Drum     20+Drums
ICEMELT100 100lb Drum
Item No Description Drum     20+Drums
SC 70lb Drum (No Sand)
SC100 100lb Drum (With Sand
SC170 170lb Drum (No Sand)
SC300 300lb Drum (With Sand)
• Other items available
Item No Description Quantity 
KNIFE Cutting Knives 25-Box
REBLADES Replacement Blades 5-Box